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This is the 7 months I’m using this company. assisted in my choice during several conversations. They clarified some issues I had, were knowledgeable, carefully listened, and made suggestions accordingly. Since most companies dealing with fake bills turn out fake, it is a leap of faith paying the funds in advance.

Personalized service in an online channel is rare. This Company exceeded my expectations. Few bills were twisted and tore. But the once I used were undetected. I really appreciate your sincerity after receiving my order.

I purchased Counterfeit bills AUD from The experience was very gratifying, in that they walked me through the purchase/and my questions by way of their online and verbal phone concierge service. Then they executed the sale through delivery was scheduled to receive it Thursday by midday, I received only received it on Friday morning.

It’s a great experience with how this company sells Counterfeit, trustworthy, and quick response if you have any question, Very! Very happy with the next day’s delivery.

I needed to purchase fake bills to shoot my video. Not only did I receive, but the bills were excellent and undetected. It arrived in perfect condition and was just what I expected.
The customer service was excellent and the delivery guy was polite. I highly recommend this company and will be doing more business in the future.

I was very scared to send such a large amount of money without getting any goods but I received an email the minute the money was received saying that they have received the funds and that my bills will be shipped overnight. I even called and spoke to, and that rested my mind.

My shipment had a two days delay. The delay was my fault bcause i didn’t confirm my address on time. The customer service assitant I dealt with were very kind and helpful

Great prices and Great service. Knowledgeable people with good attitudes, pleasure to deal with.  shipped without problem

Recently changed Accountant and so far so very good! Good one-to-one care with no hidden/additional charges and prompt responses from the team whenever I have a question…..I would definately recommend Craig Bills to any of my friends.

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