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Flip Your Bitcoins

Flip Your Bitcoins

Buy Real Bitcoin Balance Flip your bitcoins Balance in 5 to 15 Mins

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You send Btc and we Flip your balance in your wallet in 5 minutes to any type of wallet

The present concept of “central bank digital currency” may have been partially inspired by Bitcoin and similar blockchain-based cryptocurrencies.

It is also a known concept in the field of economics, whereby the central bank enables citizens to hold accounts with it, providing a reliable and safe public savings or payments medium (“retail” or “general-purpose” CBDC).

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) published a report in December 2020 listing the known CBDC wholesale and retail projects at that time.

 By April 2021, there would be “at least 80 central banks around the world that are looking at digital currencies.

Another 2020 BIS survey found that 86% of central banks were examining the advantages and disadvantages of launching CBDCs, although only 14% were in advanced stages of development (such as pilot programs).

In 2022, the Global Currency Initiative proposed the further development of a decentralized CBDC.

A decentralized CBDC is a CBDC that is issued and controlled by many central banks (countries) together.

The decentralized CBDC is only for international transactions between member countries.

While domestic transactions continue to use the national currency of each country.[21]

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