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  This article is about documents issued by national governments.

For travel documents in general (including laissez-passers, identity cards, certificates of identity, and travel documents for animals) see, see travel document.

For other uses of the term ‘P.A.S’, see Pass-port (disambiguation).

passport is an official travel document issued by a government that contains a given person’s identity.

It enables its holder travel to and from foreign countries and to access consular assistance while overseas.

The document certifies the personal identity and nationality of its holder.

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Standard of this document contain the full name, photograph, place and date of birth, signature, and the expiration date of the doc. howto get a passport apply for a passport photos for passport

While these documents are typically issued by national governments, certain subnational governments are authorized to issue passports to citizens residing within their borders.

Many nations issue (or plan to issue) biometric e-passports that contain an embedded microchip, making them machine-readable and difficult to counterfeit.

 As of January 2019, there were over 150 jurisdictions issuing e-passports. passport applications

 Previously issued non-biometric machine-readable PAs usually remain valid until their respective expiration dates.

A passport-holder is normally entitled to enter the country that issued the document, though some people entitled to this document may not be full citizens with right of abode (e.g. American nationals or British nationals).

 A pass-port does not of itself create any rights in the country being visited or obligate the issuing country in any way, such as providing consular assistance.

 Some PASS attest to the bearer having a status as a diplomat or other official, entitled to rights and privileges such as immunity from arrest or prosecution. Buy passport Online|

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