ID Cards

Scannable fake IDs for all things verification

An ID card is a convenient upgrade to personally identifiable documents. It is scannable, which means it can be read with a specialist handheld machine to verify your identity. This makes it similar to a passport featuring the holder’s photo, yet it’s compact enough to be put in your wallet and used for other purposes. Even a cheap fake ID card can do the trick for those purposes, provided that it’s produced to a high standard.

Buy a fake ID to have pocket-sized identity proof

Pulled over by the police? Applying for state-issued benefits? There are hundreds of situations where you may be required to have identity proof, whether using scannable fake IDs or other documents. Ensure you always have it on you with High Grade Prop. With our fake ID, you will get a document with your photo and verifiable identity information. It works when checked visually or scanned as long as you use it in the territory it is issued for. We can produce IDs for Australia, the United States, the UK, and some European countries.

Verify your payments

Paying by check? Need to transfer cash from your savings account? Order a fake ID at High Grade Prop to provide bank officers with undeniable proof of operation validity. They will request you to verify it for any process involving the transfer of high amounts of money. Our IDs are suitable for that, with nothing on them contradicting the information bank employees can find in their databases.

Prove you can access it

Want to sneak into a special-access lounge room or other buildings? With a fake ID, you don’t have to creep in but enter it through the front door. Show your document as you approach the area to let them know who you are and what access privileges you have. This can work for any individual with a matching photo on their ID card. Take a look at some templates of our fake IDs online. Your one will look just as amazing, regardless of the selected country.  Special requirements can be discussed during your next steps.

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